Terence Norwood

Extension Instructor

Specialty Area: Tax Assessment and Collection, Leadership Development

Email: terence.norwood@msstate.edu

Image of Terence Norwood


As an Extension Instructor with the GCD, Terence Norwood develops and delivers educational programs for local government officials and the general public.

Additionally, Norwood presents regularly throughout Mississippi for organizations on leadership, change management, generational characteristics, communication, and is a certified Real Colors facilitator. He has been invited to present at state, regional and international conferences. Norwood is a certified Real Colors facilitator. Awards for Mr. Norwood include: 2016 Mississippi State University Extension Customer Outreach Award; Outstanding Oral Presentation Award, 2012 Graduate Research Symposium, Mississippi State University; 2012 Most Innovative Research Award, John C. Stennis Institute of Government.

Mr. Norwood received his Bachelor’s in Secondary Education-Speech Communications and Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from Mississippi State University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Instructional Systems and Workforce Development, also from MSU. His current academic research interests are centered around online teaching and learning.

Prior to joining the staff at GCD, Mr. Norwood served as an Extension Agent in Jefferson Davis County.