Certification Programs

Purchase, Receiving, and Inventory Control Clerks:
In cooperation with the Office of the State Auditor, the GCD oversees legislatively-mandated certification programs for county purchase clerks, receiving, and inventory control Clerks and manages the professional education programs for county supervisors and county administrators required by the County Government Reorganization Act of 1988.

Tax Assessors and Appraisers:
The Mississippi Education and Certification Program (MECP) was developed in 1979 as a means for assessors and appraisers to gain legislatively mandated certification. The MECP is mandated and empowered primarily by three (3) sections of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated: Section 27-3-52, 27-3-59 and 27-39-239.

Assessors and appraisers make up a specialized profession that requires a high level of competence. The purpose of the MECP is to continually offer educational opportunities to Mississippi's assessors and appraisers so they may gain greater expertise and professionalism.

In partnership with the Mississippi Department of Revenue and Mississippi Assessors and Collectors Association, the GCD helps govern the educational content, certification requirements and administrative aspects of the MECP. In addition, the GCD is responsible for conducting program needs assessment and input, organization and facilitation of the Certified Appraisers' School and Recertification Courses, collection and maintenance of records, and proctoring and grading of examinations.

Municipal Clerks and Collectors:
The GCD, the Municipal Clerks and Tax Collectors (MCCA) Association of Mississippi, and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) worked together to develop the certification program. The goal of the program is to help municipal clerks and tax collectors increase their knowledge of the law and practice of municipal government and improve their professionalism.

The educational program is only one part of the IIMC and MCCA certification program. Successful completion of the 3-year educational program (based upon course attendance and obtaining a passing grade on the annual examinations) will result in 50 points of credit toward the Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) designation awarded by the IIMC. The same point credit will also be given toward the Mississippi certification programs established by the MCCA.

The purpose of all the certification programs offered through the GCD is to allow locally elected and appointed officials to gain greater expertise and professionalism. The ultimate beneficiaries of these programs are the citizens of the state who receive improved services from their state and local governments.

The GCD's three (3) year Certification Program for Municipal Clerks and Collectors and the MECP for assessors and appraisers are nationally recognized.